UK-based VR Company Bodyswaps Enables Students to Prepare with Virtual Interviews
interviews using VR headsets

UK-based VR Company Bodyswaps Enables Students to Prepare with Virtual Interviews

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UK-based virtual reality company, Bodyswaps, has developed a unique artificial intelligence software that enables students to practice mock interviews using VR headsets.

Students put on VR headsets to participate in virtual interviews, where a series of questions are presented to them through digital avatars. Post the mock interview, they can switch places to evaluate details, such as their posture, hand movements, and their responses.

The software also provides feedback for several areas, including talking speed, use of filler words, and quality of eye contact. Students also receive automatic feedback on their hand gestures and can understand whether their body language was ‘closed and defensive’ or ‘open and welcoming.’

The mechanism analyzes ‘context-specific linguistic semantics’ to evaluate if their language was ‘aggressive,’ ‘accusatory,’ ‘personable,’ or ‘considerate.’

The technology features a massive library of over six billion question combinations. The experience has helped students enhance their social skills in a ‘safe space’ free from external judgments.

Jamie Waller, Assistant Principal at the London Screen Academy, said, “A big part of our approach is developing the professional behaviors of our students, especially communication and active listening. Virtual reality avoids the pressure of a student feeling that they have to perform in front of a coach or a group of students.”

Dean Savage, 19, a student at Sandwell College in the West Midlands, remarked that the technology helped him gauge the ‘interview situation without the embarrassment.’

“You can feel free to battle your own problems before facing the real interview. It let me see that I wasn’t coming across the way that I wanted to, I wasn’t confident, and my anxiety was showing through,” he said.

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