Pirelli and University of Milan to Continue Research on Tire Development Using VR
Tire Development Using VR

Pirelli and University of Milan to Continue Research on Tire Development Using VR

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Building on their ten years of collaboration, Pirelli and the University of Milan have signed off on continuing the Joint Labs program, focused on fostering technological innovation in tires.

The extension for three additional years will lead to the deployment of various innovative tools, such as Pirelli’s static simulator at the company’s research and development center in Milan, Italy. Additionally, a dynamic simulator based at the Politecnico University of Milan will also serve several functions for the project.

The €2 million or US$2.3 million agreement will run until 2023, involving various departments at the university, including mechanics, chemistry, materials, and chemical engineering, mathematics, electronics, information and bioengineering, and civil and environmental engineering.

The two entities will research simulation using the simulators to optimize the development and testing of new tires. The core objective is to reduce lead times and strengthen collaborations with OEMs.

It covers various aspects, such as the modification of polymers, nanofillers, protective tire materials, and new materials with a more environmentally friendly footprint. They will use open-source modeling for the mixing and modeling of textile reinforcements. Product and cyber development also encompass external and internal noise testing, tire aerodynamics, and automated tread modeling.

“Being able to rely on a network including the most advanced research institutions and universities in the world, such as Milan University, means investing to meet the future challenges of mobility,” said Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Pirelli. “Our priorities with the Joint Labs program take in all aspects of sustainability, evolved automation, virtualization, and connectivity. The collaboration with the university underlines our commitment to strengthen the core of our group’s know-how in these key areas within Italy.”

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