MediSim VR Launches India’s First Fully Automated VR Lab
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MediSim VR Launches India’s First Fully Automated VR Lab

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A fully automated Virtual Reality lab, the first of its kind in India, has opened up at the Puducherry Institute of Medical Sciences by the pioneering med-tech company MediSim VR. The startup aims to use the facility to enhance the performance of new-age doctors and instill essential medical skills among MBBS students at the institute and beyond.

MediSim VR intends to increase accessibility and affordability of thorough virtual reality medical simulation through the initiative. The company was initially established by a surgeon and a group of professionals at IIT Madras as a haptic research company. Moreover, it is now a resident startup at Johnson and Johnson Innovation Labs in Boston.

The startup had recently concluded a pre-series A round of funding that helped invest toward the project at PIMS. Additionally, it received funding for research and development from the Dept. of Science & Technology (DST) and IIT Madras.

The co-founder of MediSim VR, Dr. Adith Chinnaswami, emphasized the urgent need to provide “the next evolution in technology in their area of learning and development” for Indian doctors and the medical fraternity. He claimed the new VR lab would immensely benefit MBBS students in their final and pre-final years.

According to Dr. Chinnaswami, virtual reality technology has much potential for altering people’s perceptions of conventional and manual healthcare methods.

“Applying VR in therapy, vocational counseling, phobia management, and pain management can also do wonders in the near future,” he said.

The use of VR and AR technology among doctors, surgeons, medical practitioners, drug makers, and hospitals has increased as the Indian and global medical industry becomes more aware of the benefits of virtual reality.

The healthcare sector is predicted to undergo a radical transformation in the coming years, thanks to AI-powered technological advancements like digital diagnosis, wearable health monitors, and digital simulations.

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