Zoe Immersive and Sketchfab Partner to Foster 3D Interactive Content Creation

Zoe Immersive and Sketchfab Partner to Foster 3D Interactive Content Creation

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The award-winning metaverse software company, Zoe Immersive, has partnered with the leading 3D and AR platform, Sketchfab, to enable its users to build 3D interactive experiences and integrate any of Sketchfab’s more than one million free 3D models into Zoe creations.

Furthermore, Zoe aims to make creating 3D experiences more accessible with the beta release of its Zoe iOS app. The new platform would bring more flexibility to creators and developers already creating and developing with Zoe on the Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. The integration with Sketchfab 3D models will be available on all Zoe platforms, including the new iOS app.

Zoe’s intuitive tools and Sketchfab’s drag-and-drop 3D object libraries would speed up and simplify the process of creating complex 3D virtual spaces. It will allow creators to develop fully interactive experiences within a few hours, which conventionally requires extensive knowledge of game engines or visual effects programs.

Zoe and Sketchfab can foster several functions, such as developing games, facilitating storytelling, explaining processes, solving problems, and more. In addition, Zoe also helps creators enhance their new-age digital skills in design, creating user interfaces, programming, and working with movement and space.

“Sketchfab’s database of assets provides Zoe users with endless options for creating and customizing spaces, whether it’s in education or entertainment,” said Emilie Joly, co-founder and CEO of Zoe Immersive.

The company is on the right track towards its ambition of making metaverse creation possible for anyone with access to the right technologies. Providing its users access to more than a million new 3D objects and introducing the new no-code platform on iOS are two vital steps in that direction.

“Our mission at Sketchfab is to make 3D content accessible, easy-to-find and use,” said Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab Co-founder and CEO. “Zoe makes it super easy to combine Sketchfab assets into a scene, and their iOS platform with our online 3D objects is a great step toward making 3D experiences more ubiquitous.”

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