Wellstar Health System and Moth+Flame Partner to Facilitate VR-powered Leadership Training

Wellstar Health System and Moth+Flame Partner to Facilitate VR-powered Leadership Training

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The nationally and locally recognized non-profit for high-quality care, Wellstar Health System, has partnered with the award-winning virtual reality studio, Moth+Flame, to facilitate leadership training and development through innovative programs.

Earlier in May, Catalyst by Wellstar, the health system’s global digital health and innovation center, Wellstar Leadership Development, and Moth+Flame hosted their first-ever VR-based leadership development training centered around emotional intelligence. Over 100 Wellstar leaders participated in the immersive, VR-powered learning experience spread across two days.

“Partnering with Moth+Flame is an opportunity for us to gain a deeper understanding of how virtual reality can impact the way we care for and engage with our patients, consumers, and each other,” said Hank Capps, M.D., FAAFP, Wellstar’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer.

Numerous studies depict that virtual reality learners learn four times faster than conventional learning methods and are 275 percent more confident about their skills. The latest initiative looks to validate these statistics for a select group of Wellstar’s clinical and leadership teams and add a new dimension to its leadership development programming. The organization measured an increase in confidence levels in the material at the end of the two-day training, and 97 percent of participants recommended the training.

“We’ve seen that investment in high-quality training can improve retention across all industries,” said Kevin Cornish, Founder, and CEO of Moth+Flame.

The simulated, life-like environment facilitates a more confident output amongst the trainees. The results from Wellstar’s analysis highlight that virtual reality is proving to be an effective tool for professional development.

Unlike typical VR experiences, Moth+Flame utilized real people instead of virtual avatars to deliver a more relatable, comprehensive experience to the users. Wellstar leaders used headsets and iPads during the session to undergo scenarios created to prepare them to guide their teams through critical periods of change.

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