NBA and Rec Room Partner to Create New Virtual Reality Experiences
New Virtual Reality Experiences

NBA and Rec Room Partner to Create New Virtual Reality Experiences

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A partnership between the virtual reality platform Rec Room and the NBA is set to bring a new set of virtual reality experiences for the fans during the 2022 Playoffs. They will feature a redesigned basketball court, team logos, and new game types to enhance the VR experience.

As soon as the players upgrade the game, the update will get implemented across platforms. It will stay active all throughout the postseason and the championship game.

The news from Rec Room and the National Basketball Association (NBA) comes just in time for the 2022 NBA Playoffs presented by Google Pixel. It will enable basketball fans across the globe to play and celebrate their passion for the sport through exciting new means.

NBA fans can even gather in the Rec Center lobby for a quick game of hoops or to put their greatest trick shots on display during the NBA postseason in 2022. Players can also purchase t-shirts from all 30 NBA teams and acquire an NBA basketball with other NBA accessories to customize their virtual avatars.

Rec Room has over 60 million users worldwide who use the platform to create, share, and play games and participate in other digital activities. It is a global community and a social network that provides a welcoming virtual environment for individuals to meet new people, have fun, and build connections with fellow players within the games.

It is fairly simple to create games, rooms, and other content within Rec Room and quickly share them across all devices. Moreover, players can invite their friends to join the platform and build communities based on mutual interests.

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