National Football League and StatusPRO Partner to Develop an NFL-licensed VR Simulation Game
NFL-licensed VR Simulation Game

National Football League and StatusPRO Partner to Develop an NFL-licensed VR Simulation Game

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The National Football League (NFL) is partnering with the sports technology and gaming company, StatusPRO, to bring an NFL-licensed virtual reality simulation gaming title to its fans worldwide. The game will be made available on Meta Quest and PlayStation® VR to bring fans closer to the gridiron than ever before, enabling them to get in the shoes of a professional football player through a first-person 3D immersive experience.

StatusPRO uses real-time player data to create authentic extended reality experiences. It combines data with augmented, mixed, and virtual reality to provide a suite of training and gaming products for coaches, players, and fans. The partnership will enable the company to create a new immersive version of NFL gaming for two of the largest VR platforms.

“Today marks an important milestone for StatusPRO and the VR industry. By partnering with the NFL, we will offer a new form of engagement between athletes and fans unlike anything in the marketplace,” said Troy Jones, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of StatusPRO.

The partnership will foster the creation of exciting, immersive gaming products for NFL football fans and gamers and democratize the experience of the professional athlete.

The two entities will leverage StatusPRO’s athlete-led technology and work with the team of their experienced developers to enable fans to get a first-person experience similar to their favorite football players through intuitive gameplay.

The co-founders of StatusPRO, Troy Jones and Andrew (Hawk) Hawkins, are former elite football players themselves. Therefore, the company works with an athlete-first approach in everything they create to provide a comprehensive experience of what it actually feels like to step out on the field. They can deliver an immersive experience to let NFL fans transform themselves into pro athletes using their proprietary technology.

Release dates and additional information about the new gaming title will be announced soon.

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