Enosis and OVID Clinics Partner to Implement an In-Clinic Application of VR Psychotherapy

Enosis and OVID Clinics Partner to Implement an In-Clinic Application of VR Psychotherapy

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Aiming to implement an in-clinic application of VR with Psychedelic-Assisted therapy, Enosis Therapeutics has collaborated with OVID Clinics and the MIND Foundation. Enosis Therapeutics is a medical technology and psychedelic research company that uses virtual reality (VR) to contextualize psychedelic therapy to improve treatment outcomes.

OVID Clinics, a Berlin-based provider of healthcare services, offers integration-focused and psychedelic-based psychotherapies through its network of clinics. It has started providing its patients with the option to receive psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy integrated with Enosis’ virtual technology protocols.

Enosis announced the success of its study on the synergistic use of VR in psychedelics in June 2022 in partnership with the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia.

According to the preliminary findings, high levels of acceptance and satisfaction were produced by Enosis’ VR scenarios blended with a guided psychedelic experience. According to Enosis, the positive results of this initial study have prompted the company to start providing VR scenarios with psychedelic-assisted therapy within OVID Clinics.

“The Enosis team is honored to partner with OVID Clinics and the MIND Foundation to commence the first in-clinic application of our VR protocols as an adjunct to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy,” said Agnieszka D. Sekula, Co-Founder of Enosis Therapeutics.

In addition to providing the in-clinic protocol in Berlin, Enosis and OVID will gather information for a research collaboration that aims to look into the synergistic effects of psychedelic and digital interventions with an expectation that the findings will show better therapeutic patient outcomes and improve general patient wellbeing.

“At OVID Clinics, we believe in a personalized, evidence-based, medical & psychotherapeutic approach tailored to the patient’s needs. We recognize the value of Enosis’ VR technologies in the integration process following psychedelic therapy,” said Sergio Pérez Rosal, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVID Clinics.

Enosis claims that the company’s collaboration with OVID will help to further highlight the effectiveness of VR as a tool for improving mental health. It also shows how the use of VR’s capabilities and protocols in clinical and research settings for psychedelics is growing. Enrollment of patients is currently in progress.

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