WIR Group and DCII Partner to Strengthen Data Security for Indonesia’s Metaverse

WIR Group and DCII Partner to Strengthen Data Security for Indonesia’s Metaverse

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The Southeast Asian technology company specializing in augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, WIR Group, has partnered with DCII to demonstrate that data protection and security is one of the fundamental goals for the continuous development of Indonesia’s metaverse.

The collaboration between the two entities was officially signed in Bali by Executive Chairman and Co-founder of WIR Group, Daniel Surya, and CEO of DCI Indonesia, Otto Toto Sugiri, indicating Indonesia’s readiness to enter the metaverse.

“This collaboration is a strategic step related to the implementation of metaverse technology that requires the support of a secure, reliable, stable, and zero downtime data center infrastructure,” Sugiri added.

As explained by Sugiri, a data center is a structure used to house several servers, and one of its duties is handling website or online application traffic. Website owners must pick the finest data center to ensure that website or web application traffic runs appropriately.

The WIR group and DCII’s partnership will protect the security and privacy of user data entering the metaverse. The Personal Data Protection Law (PDP), which may serve as the community’s legal foundation for protection when using the metaverse, also embodies this idea of security protection.

Since protecting vital information infrastructure from external threats and ensuring server security and availability in the digital world have become top priorities for WIR Group, the reputation of the data center provider is undoubtedly taken into account.

In essence, the partnership with this locally created data center allows WIR Group to create a metadata universe that will make it simpler for users to interact in an environment safely and without hindrances. Metadata, essentially information about data, is crucial because it will be used to identify actively engaging data.

“We at WIR Group will always strive to develop and continue to develop Indonesia’s metaverse, both platforms, applications, infrastructure, as well as security for metaverse users in Indonesia,” Surya explained.

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