WeDream to Create a ‘Metaverse for the Masses’ with Its Smartphone-based AR Platform
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WeDream to Create a ‘Metaverse for the Masses’ with Its Smartphone-based AR Platform

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The smartphone-based augmented reality social metaverse platform, WeDream, is working to transform individual interaction by bringing virtual social experiences to anyone with a smartphone. The company aims to amalgamate physical and virtual worlds to foster creation and collaboration amongst individuals using augmented reality.

The WeDream mobile app hosts a novel social media experience that enhances and simplifies access to the metaverse. Augmented reality and the metaverse present excellent potential to transform how we live our day-to-day lives today.

However, a significant challenge in making the most of these technologies is mass adoption. The WeDream platform aims to become a crucial entry point for a massive influx of new users into the metaverse.

The platform empowers users with a set of innovative tools and infrastructure to use augmented reality for various functions. Users can participate in social spaces, play games, facilitate business collaboration, enjoy immersive performances, and more.

The users, or ‘Dreamers’ as they are called within the platform, begin their journey by customizing their avatar. They can then create a new ‘Dream’ or participate in an existing one on the platform. The idea is similar to virtual worlds, spaces, or servers that power most such platforms today. Dreamers can interact with each other within these ‘Dreams’ and participate in several free, ticketed, or subscription-based experiences.

Artists and creators in WeDream can create unique, intuitive spaces and develop virtual assets to sell to other Dreamers as NFTs. As a result, the platform provides an excellent marketplace and audience to monetize their talents.

“The WeDream marketplace of digital goods and services puts the power of this new, limitless economy into the hands of the masses,” said Peter Calfee, President of WeDream.

The WeDream app has not yet been released to the general public. Creators and enthusiasts interested in testing the platform can sign up on the company’s website.

Additionally, WeDream is debuting a preview experience at Soho Technique NFT.NYC on Wednesday, June 22, in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. The company will feature NFT pieces curated in 12 themed galleries in a virtual environment enabled by WeDream.

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