Saudi National Day Is Being Celebrated For The First Time In The Metaverse

Saudi National Day Is Being Celebrated For The First Time In The Metaverse

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The Bold Group accomplishes its first milestone after its recent growth by bringing the 92nd Saudi National Day celebration into the metaverse. By exhibiting Saudi culture in a new digital environment, The Bold Group has created an unrivaled immersive experience on the metaverse. The virtual Saudi National Day event will run from September 22nd to September 24th, 2022.

The idea of a permanent, networked, 3D cosmos that integrates many virtual places is known as the metaverse. Users can collaborate, meet, play games, and interact in these 3D places. The metaverse is a fascinating emergent technology with a growing market where certain corporations, institutions, and even nations perceive it as a new channel. Adoption is rising swiftly throughout the world. The Bold Group is one of the first companies in Saudi Arabia to foray into this uncharted territory, activating the metaverse by providing a platform for tourists to tour the country, engage with different facets of Saudi culture, and discover landmarks, food, music, art, and more all in one location.

The Bold Group and King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah) worked together on this innovative project to bring the user experience to life. With the goal of bringing Saudi Arabia’s history and culture to a global audience and imparting knowledge of the entire scope of the Kingdom’s rich legacy to the next generation, Darah and this strategic cooperation will make it possible for visitors to have a genuinely immersive experience.

According to Co-Founder and CEO of The Bold Group, Abeer Alessa, “The Bold Group is at the forefront of innovation among the local marketing industry. We are activating the metaverse in an impactful way by paying tribute to Saudi National Day. Fusing our past with our future, we are honoring the storied history of the Kingdom, preserving our heritage and displaying it with pride for people to engage with in the new digital realm.” She went on, “Our focus has always been to bring value to our partners and community, and this unique experience paves the way for others to discover exciting new opportunities in the market. In line with the Kingdom’s transformative outlook for the Vision 2030, The Bold Group embraces the change and strives to be the pioneer of new and emerging technologies in the digital sphere.”

The multifaceted ‘Decentraland’ platform will host The Bold Group’s Saudi National Day experience. It will showcase diverse facets of Saudi culture in an outdoor museum, with each level showcasing different ways in which Saudi Arabia’s beauty is represented. Additionally, the experience will include specially made Saudi national clothing designed and inspired by the many Kingdom areas. Visitors to the event can purchase these legendary items as wearable NFTs. Furthermore, users will be able to proudly display their participation in the first-ever Saudi National Day metaverse celebration by using the POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), which will be made available by The Bold Group as a limited edition collectible NFT.

According to Ziad AbuRjaily, Director of Creative Technology for the Bold Experience Unit, “We’re witnessing a major transformation in the Saudi digital industry where Saudi Arabia is being increasingly recognized as a key player in the global technology scene, enabled by the developments achieved in the pursuit of realizing the Saudi Vision 2030. Disruptive technologies like the metaverse are the future, and we at The Bold Group aim to be a key player in that evolution. The idea to usher the Saudi National Day, a historically traditional celebration, into the new era of technology was inspired by the challenge of convening people across the Kingdom’s 13 different regions to celebrate Saudi Arabia in one virtual space.”

Saudi Arabia has one of the youngest populations in the world. As the country strives to become a hub for global technology, digital transformation is at the center of its growth. Given that the metaverse and other ground-breaking technologies are still in their infancy, the potential for communities and brands in the Saudi community is enormous. The Bold Group, with its recent move into specialty, is always searching for and exploring new technologies that provide enhanced experiences and unheard-of results for its partners.

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