ritestream Partners with Planet Theta to Showcase Films to Couples in the Metaverse
VR films in Metaverse

ritestream Partners with Planet Theta to Showcase Films to Couples in the Metaverse

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The NFT film funding platform, ritestream, has partnered with the world’s first virtual reality dating app, Planet Theta, to showcase films and help build lasting relationships within the metaverse. The two companies will jointly enable couples to date and socialize from the comfort of their own home using Oculus and Steam VR headsets.

Planet Theta users could now sit back and enjoy a movie from ritestream’s extensive content library in addition to the usual strolling through enchanted forests, visiting art galleries, or having a coffee over a game of cards.

The average cost of a movie theater ticket in the US has gone up by 11 percent over the last five years. Moreover, the pandemic has further hit the industry hard by deserting cinemas across the country and the world. Movie ticket sales in the US have declined from 1.4 billion in 2009 to 498 million in 2021.

Nevertheless, the emergence of immersive technologies has prompted movie theaters to rethink their service offering. Virtual dating cinemas are an innovative development in the domain that promises a unique experience to the audiences.

Riaz Mehta, founder and CEO of ritestream, said, “We very much look forward to providing Planet Theta members with cinematic nights to remember, combining ritestream’s revolutionary content platform with Planet Theta’s vision of a virtual reality dating experience.”

With the virtual dating scene exploding across the globe, couples are looking for new and more comprehensive ways to facilitate virtual interactions. Moreover, almost 20 percent of all US adults stream movies every day, hinting toward an enormous demand for such an offering.

Chris Crew, CEO of Planet Theta, said, “Human connection is the bedrock of societal happiness, and the partnership between Planet Theta and ritestream heralds a revolutionary shift in the way prospective couples can connect.”

The partnership will foster human connection in the virtual dating space. The two companies aim to enable couples to witness a unique experience with Planet Theta and move towards the exciting future of matchmaking.

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