Occupational Health Provider Latus Health Developing a Virtual Clinic for the Metaverse
Latus Health Virtual Clinic

Occupational Health Provider Latus Health Developing a Virtual Clinic for the Metaverse

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The UK-based digital occupational health provider, Latus Health, is developing a virtual clinic for the metaverse aiming to serve over one million patients a day.

Healthcare applications have ramped up development with the rising popularity and investment in the metaverse domain worldwide. The company stated that investment and focus on such an initiative is a “matter of when not if.”

A VR-powered mental health clinic will be the first offering to debut later this year. Latus believes that its initiatives will drastically reduce wait times at clinics, enhance access to quality healthcare, and bridge the deficit between doctor-patient interactions using the conventional means of virtual communication.

Moreover, the service will maintain patient records using blockchain technology, providing the patients the ownership of the same and eliminating any risk of being stolen. The objective is to eventually cover the entire global market with these solutions, starting with the patients in the US.

The company has also unveiled Yodha, a platform to receive care, testing, and screening remotely, earlier this year in the UK. According to CEO Jack Latus, the company expects to expand the platform to the US within two years.

“The whole reason why we were developing this virtual reality hospital,” Latus said, is “because that opens up the ability to deliver those services globally.”

The company will keep an eye out for the latest developments in the space over the next several years to innovate on the look and feel of the metaverse. It expects to launch more sophisticated features for its offering over the next couple of years.

The ongoing digitization of healthcare services has become essential for developing a sustainable business in the space. It is similar to how the retail industry had to swiftly adapt to the emerging social media trends over the past decade. A seamless switch to innovative healthcare technology for providers worldwide is a significant challenge for the industry to conquer.

Latus Health currently impacts over a million benefactors a year. Its virtual hospital aims to hit that number in a day. The company is actively investing in virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twin technology, AI, and wearables to accomplish that vision.

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