DFF, Dezact, Avani Institute of Design Collaborate to Launch a Unique Metaverse Design Course
Unique Metaverse Design Course

DFF, Dezact, Avani Institute of Design Collaborate to Launch a Unique Metaverse Design Course

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The Design Futures Foundation (DFF), USA, Dezact, UK & Avani Institute of Design, India, have collaborated to introduce an online course to promote emerging tech, such as parametric design, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more.

The one-of-a-kind global online course will be organized in three phases over three weeks. It will equip participants with actionable digital and parametric modeling skills and expose them to game engines and CGI tools across the AEC industry.

The course has drawn participants from across the world who will get an insight into the entertainment space within the metaverse and crypto industries and become certified ‘Metaverse Designers.’

“Curating this global scale workshop in partnership with Avani Design Institute is a matter of absolute honor to us. In the post-pandemic world, the Web 3.0 revolution has triggered an immense interest in smart contracts, virtual metaverse platforms, and all things NFT,” said Akshay Goyal, the co-founder of Design Future Foundation (DFF) and Dezact.

Metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland and Sandbox, have gained an enormous following and are transforming how we will go about our social lives in the future. The demand for immersive, metaverse-based experiences is set to rise, creating immense opportunities for designers and developers in the space rapidly.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this transformation. The entire world had to adjust to executing countless everyday tasks and functions virtually, resulting in a rapid cultural shift towards the metaverse. This has prompted tech giants worldwide to develop applications for the metaverse. MetaPlay is a platform to help digital architects and designers to amass the skills needed to pursue opportunities in this area.

Design Future Foundation (DFF) is a non-profit organization focusing on solving global problems and creating an impact in the evolving world by harnessing the potential of design. The organization operates at an intersection of design and emerging technology to explore the impact of design through collaborations with other organizations, academia, and professionals.

Dezact speculates and investigates the transforming methods of urban space conception, production, and consumption. The organization works at the intersection of art, architecture, new media, and urban studies and brings together artists, designers, and educators to explore the role of technology in these areas.

DFF, Dezact, and Avani Institute of Design are coming together to support developers and architects to capitalize on the metaverse opportunities arising in the future.

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