3D Hologram Rentals Creates Life-Size AR Holographic Displays
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3D Hologram Rentals Creates Life-Size AR Holographic Displays

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The Chicago-based hologram company, 3D Hologram Rentals, has introduced an entirely new and revolutionary hologram-based technology. The life-size augmented reality holograms will allow users to put themselves in the shoes of an avatar, superhero, celebrity, iconic personality, mascot, robot, cartoon character, custom-designed holographic character, a CEO, and others.

The holographic technology enables you to choose a life-size, three-dimensional image that is then projected using a hologram installation. It might be a picture of your favorite superhero or your company’s new product branding avatar for the convention exhibit launch party. Anyone in the designated control area can make this chosen image their avatar.

The experts at 3D Hologram Rentals will fully set up and install the technology. While some businesses may have a long-term project in mind, others may only need an installation for a show or weekend event. A full-body control system and real-time augmented reality are used to create full-size holograms.

“We’ve found an incredibly broad demand for this technology. From conference meetings to private events to big marketing campaigns – everyone’s excited to take a turn controlling the technology. It’s really innovative, it’s new, it’s exciting,” said Mark Smith, CEO of 3D Hologram Rentals.

Smith described the technology as a modern strategy to increase on-site engagement and interactivity. According to industry experts, holographic avatars like these can potentially make a big impression on a jaded and cynical public.

These life-size augmented reality holograms are a big hit at trade shows, corporate gatherings, special galas, conventions, and even remote meetings. Industry analysts anticipate that brands will use the technology in various fields, including marketing, education, collaboration, team building, entertainment, and more.

Companies have received installation assistance from 3D Hologram Rentals in places as diverse as Las Vegas, Lexington, New York, Nashville, Austin, Orlando, and Chicago.

“We create completely custom AR holographic displays for all of our clients,” Smith said. “And because those displays are custom, they can really resonate with an audience – you can create something that’s just for your event. That’s something that never fails to wow.”

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