Taqtile Announces $5M Equity Raise to Enhance Its AR-enabled Work-instruction Platform

Taqtile Announces $5M Equity Raise to Enhance Its AR-enabled Work-instruction Platform

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The creator of the AR-enabled work-instruction platform Manifest, Taqtile, Inc., announced closing a USD $5 million preferred equity round. The company is well-known for augmented reality-based work instruction solutions for deskless employees.

The Seattle-based firm announced that it would use the money to strengthen its engineering and development teams, enhance sales and marketing operations, and broaden its global reach through its extensive partnership network.

Investors in the round include Downer Group, a publicly traded Australian industrial and defense systems integrator, as well as Mesmerise, a London-based company that develops immersive AR and VR technology for enterprise customers. Taqtile has also received investments from the 5G Open Innovation Lab in Bellevue, Washington, and Ascend, the tech-focused venture capital firm based in Seattle, Washington.

Taqtile claims that the Manifest platform assists businesses in addressing the rising skills gap among workers performing essential and challenging duties. In a tight labor market where up to one-third of deskless workers are expected to retire in the next five years, Manifest enables businesses to assist their staff with cutting-edge digital tools and enhances their overall safety and productivity.

“Taqtile continues to see robust adoption and accelerated deployment of Manifest across all sectors, including defense, manufacturing, transportation, aircraft MRO, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and others,” said Dirck Schou, Taqtile CEO.

Taqtile has onboarded Downer Group as a strategic partner and investor. Downer Group is an integrated services provider in Australia and New Zealand which is collaborating with Taqtile to enable the transition of frontline work across the company’s 33,000-strong workforce. The two companies have already started working closely together and will intensify their cooperation on significant infrastructure and defense projects in the two countries.

“Downer’s partnership with Taqtile will enhance the way our frontline work is performed. The services Downer delivers for our customers impact the lives of millions of people across Australia and New Zealand every day, so it is important that we implement industry-leading technology to support the productivity, efficiency, and safety of our operations,” said Grant Fenn, Downer Group Chief Executive Officer.

Other partners of Taqtile include Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, Nokia, Verizon, T-Mobile, Accenture, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, and numerous others.

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