South Korean 3D Content Development Platform Anipen Raises $8.8 Million

South Korean 3D Content Development Platform Anipen Raises $8.8 Million

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The South Korean 3D content development and metaverse platform, Anipen, has raised $3.8 million or 11 billion Korean won in its Series C funding round. The company will close the round once it meets the set target of 20 billion Korean won before its initial public offering (IPO) on the Korean trading board Kosdaq planned for the upcoming year.

Medici Investment, Ulmus Investment, and Korea Development Bank (KDB) were the leading investors in the latest funding round. The company aims to deploy the funds to grow its metaverse content services and invest in collaborating and establishing partnerships with leading global brands to bring them into the metaverse.

Founded in 2013, the company is best known for its AnibeaR mobile app, which enables users to create augmented reality videos using popular animated characters.

The Anipen platform is designed to facilitate the seamless development of video content for communication and entertainment applications. The platform incorporates several innovative technologies, such as augmented reality, extended reality, and artificial intelligence.

The company’s flagship offering, AnibeaR, is a 3D mobile application that enables its users to create AR-infused video content. It features over four hundred children’s animation characters, such as Hello Kitty, Pororo, and Larva, that the users can directly incorporate into the videos.

Anipen has also created an impressive portfolio of other applications and features, including AniBear Zone, an AR web TV show and movie production service, and AR Live Services. Users can take advantage of these services to take pictures with their favorite characters at malls, shops, and other public places.

Users can also produce videos and clips using the company’s AR content production engine and share them across multiple social media channels simultaneously.

The company had previously raised 13 billion Korean won in the past year. It is currently negotiating with potential investors to complete the 20 billion Korean won for its Series C goal and close the round.

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