Medical AR Startup Augmedit Raises €1M+ in Seed Funding

Medical AR Startup Augmedit Raises €1M+ in Seed Funding

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The medical software company Augmedit, based in Amsterdam, has raised more than €1M in its seed funding round. The company creates augmented reality tools for surgeons.

A consortium of Dutch and Swiss informal investors, and the US-based venture capital firm Revere Partners, invested in the startup.

In addition to scaling up its technology for high-volume, high-impact applications outside of neurosurgery in Europe and the US, Augmedit claims it will use the funds to obtain CE certification and FDA clearance for its beachhead products for neurosurgeons.

“With Revere joining us, we expect to accelerate our market access in the US and use their know-how and network for our future products in the field of oral surgery,” said Claartje Ypma, CEO of Augmedit.

The company has also received €1.7M in non-dilutive funding, according to Ypma, through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program.

With its LumiNE light and LumiNE Elite applications, Augmedit unveiled an all-inclusive and user-friendly augmented reality workflow for clinical practice. LumiNE light automatically creates holograms from medical imaging for surgical preparation and patient education.

These holograms are displayed on the patient in the operating room using the LumiNE Elite software with a surgical plan that directs the doctor. Surgery is safer, and medical institutions experience significant cost savings thanks to the holographic experience that enhances surgeons’ perception.

The EIC funding, according to Augmedit, will be used to complete the development of LumiNe Elite and CE-certify this software. Additionally, the company will use it to boost sales of the current LumiNe light software for patient education and surgical preparation.

Tristan van Doormaal, a neurosurgeon, Tom Mensink, an expert in augmented reality, and Claartje Ypma, a medtech entrepreneur, founded Augmedit in 2018. The company introduced a complete and user-friendly augmented reality workflow for clinical use.

The goal of the startup is to offer holograms that are secure, trustworthy, cost-effective, and simple to use. It aims to create more effective, individually tailored treatment plans, collaborate in novel ways to improve surgical procedures, train medical staff, and visually engage and inform patients and their families.

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