French Digital Therapy Startup HypnoVR Raises a €4.5 Million Series A Funding Round
HypnoVR Series A Funding Round

French Digital Therapy Startup HypnoVR Raises a €4.5 Million Series A Funding Round

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The Strasbourg-based digital therapy provider offering tailor-made virtual reality experiences for the operating room, HypnoVR, has raised a €4.5 million Series A funding round. The company’s tech reduces pain and anxiety for patients while lying on the operating theatre table.

The startup plans to use the funds for an international roll-out of its product and invest towards R&D for other applications for its medical hypnosis solution.

The operating theatre, with its bright lights and sounds of clinking medical instruments, is a usual cause for panic amongst the patients. Understanding the gravity of this issue, Dr. Denis Graff and Dr. Chloé Chauvin, both anesthetists and hypnotherapists, teamed up with Nicolas Schaettel to create a technological solution based on the concept of medical hypnosis. 

HypnoVR combines immersive virtual reality experience and medical hypnosis techniques as a form of non-pharmacological anesthesia, thereby significantly reducing the use of sedative drugs. The company’s solution has been clinically validated and is already in use in over 240 healthcare institutions across Europe.

The current funding round was led by Theodorus (Belgium), the Banque des Territoires (France), Akiles (Belgium), and Capital Grand Est via Alsace Création (France). Existing investors Guillaume Richard, founder and CEO of OuiCare, and the family office of Daniel Caille, founder and CEO of Vivalto Santé, also participated in the round. Bpifrance, known to invent in everything French and tech, was also a significant contributor. 

“This is the first time Theodorus has made an investment outside of Belgium. What really convinced us was the experience of the team, and the numerous possibilities opened up by the company’s pioneering technology, which offers healthcare professionals an additional tool to care for patients both in hospital and private practice,” said Theodorus’ Alexandre Jouve.

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