VR Design and Architecture Application Arkio VR Debuts on the Meta Quest Store
VR Design and Architecture Application Arkio VR

VR Design and Architecture Application Arkio VR Debuts on the Meta Quest Store

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The collaborative spatial design software, Arkio VR, has listed its VR design and architecture application on the Meta Quest store. The platform enables up to 24 people to collaborate across multiple devices, including Quest, PC VR, tablet, or smartphone, to work on architectural design, urban planning, interior design, and level design projects.

The app packs numerous features for designers and architects. For instance, it incorporates 3D visualization to provide users with a better sense of space and proportions. It also features a passthrough mode that allows users to factor in the physical environment within their virtual reality designs.

Users can also import 3D models from other programs like Revit, Unity, Sketchup, and Rhino for editing. The app also supports Meta’s new avatar system. It has been available on the App Lab for the past year, but it has now made its official debut on the Oculus Store.

The platform can enable several other uses apart from design and architecture, such as support for metaverse designers, hobbyists, and universities.

Arkio CEO Hilmar Gunnarsson explained that augmented reality and virtual reality are emerging as the ultimate medium for architecture and design. These technologies enable designers to express their vision accurately through 3D models and provide a more realistic look into the finished product. Moreover, with such applications that allow remote collaboration in real-time, users can run the processes much more smoothly.

Arkio further aims to explore the possibilities offered by the passthrough mode and is working on a new set of features for this purpose. The team is also planning to bring in core tool improvements, such as the ability to create and share custom 3D models.

The application is available for download for free on the Oculus Store. The freemium version incorporates the modeling tools, a collaboration feature, and a passthrough mode.

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