Top Paid Games on Oculus Quest 2

Top Paid Games on Oculus Quest 2

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Gaming in virtual reality is nothing like playing on video game consoles or a PC. Using a VR headset like Oculus Quest 2 makes you feel like you’re actually inside a video game. It’s extremely immersive and results in a unique experience that cannot be compared with anything else. However, hardcore gamers often criticize VR games because of their lack of depth and complexity. If you’re one of such gamers, this article is just for you, because we will recommend 4 top paid games on Oculus Quest 2, that will make you change your mind about VR gaming.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead

If you’re a traditional gamer and are looking for a full, in-depth game in VR, we recommend The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It was released in 2020 and offers one of the most complete VR gaming experiences out there. In this game, you will have to survive in a zombie-infested apocalyptic world, while trying to avoid dangerous enemies and help those in need. Saints & Sinners have a fascinating storyline with endless side quests, but the best part is zombie combat. You can kill zombies in pretty much every way imaginable, even using a spoon!

Pistol Whip

Virtual reality can be extremely immersive, and it’s even better when game developers take this into consideration and put a lot of time into creating unique and vibrant environments. That’s the case with Pistol Whip, which is a first-person rhythmic shooter based in a futuristic arcade setting. It’s colorful, playful, fast-paced, and extremely addicting. You can choose out of 6 unique weapons, and apply a combination of 12 attack modifiers. As a result, there are nearly limitless gameplay options and you can be sure that Pistol Whip won´t get boring after a few days of playtime.

Population: ONE

Singleplayer games are fun, but if you’re looking for a competitive multiplayer experience, look no further than Population: ONE. It’s a Battle Royale game where 2 teams fight to be the last one standing. At the start of every match, you will be dropped to the map and will have to look for weapons to attack your opponents. There are 12 ranged and 2 melee weapons, so there’s plenty of gameplay diversity.

The unique aspect of Population: ONE is that you can climb every single surface of the map. There are many tall structures that you can climb up and then use a wingsuit to glide through the sky and outmaneuver your opponents. If you’re a fan of Battle Royale games, you must try Population: ONE, as it’s definitely the best game of this genre currently available on Oculus Quest 2.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx

Valve shocked the gaming industry when they announced Half-Life: Alyx in 2019. It was released just a year later and to this day many people regard it as the best virtual reality game. Besides the fascinating story and beautiful graphics, this game offers polished gameplay that is comparable to the best games on video game consoles and PC. 

The only problem is that it isn’t available on the Oculus Store. To play it, you will have to buy it on Steam and connect your headset to your PC through Oculus Air Link. However, if you want to experience the future of VR gaming today, it’s more than worth your time and money.

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