Xiaomi Could Have an AR-based Shopping Navigation System in the Works
AR-based Shopping Navigation System

Xiaomi Could Have an AR-based Shopping Navigation System in the Works

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The Chinese consumer electronics brand, Xiaomi, has received authorization for an innovative new AR-powered shopping navigation system.

The patent describes the tech as a ‘shopping navigation method, device, and system based on augmented reality technology AR.’ It seems to be a system designed to enhance the users’ shopping experience through features, such as providing the location information for a product.

Augmented reality technology could add a unique layer of information to the real-world shopping experience. The users could wear AR glasses while shopping to unlock an enhanced experience. For instance, if the user is looking for a smartphone, the system will help them find a store in which the device is available and offer waypoints to find their way to the retailer.

It could potentially make the shopping experience more interactive and efficient.

Another plausible use of the technology could be for appraising products. For instance, if the user visits a store that sells laptops, they could view the device’s specifications in AR and check its pricing.

Nevertheless, not much is known about the actual applications of the technology that the company might be planning. We’ll have to wait for an official disclosure to make further deductions about the same.

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