SDSU Introduces a Novel Augmented Reality Research Center
Novel Augmented Reality Research Center

SDSU Introduces a Novel Augmented Reality Research Center

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The San Diego State University students have already ventured into outer space and saved lives through their AR-powered classrooms. Nevertheless, the university is going one step further in the domain with a major investment. SDSU unveiled the Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning Research Center, or VITAL. 

The center has been created with $500,000 of seed money and has begun playing a significant role in 70 classes at SDSU, taught by 56 professors. The technology has allowed students to interact with virtual patients going into anaphylactic shock, explore the vast expanses of the deep oceans, develop virtual lab specimens, and observe brain activity during driving simulators.

“What this virtual simulation enables us to do is put students into situations that would otherwise be out of reach, impossible, or in the case of anaphylactic shock, a very dangerous situation,” said Sean Hauze, SDSU’s Instructional Technology Services director.

The new institute will foster a culture of innovation by helping students participate in projects to design, develop, research, and engage with extended reality using the latest technologies. The university is further looking to capitalize on public-private partnerships to offer enhanced career opportunities and invest in the latest technologies and equipment.

SDSU stated that the center would involve faculty, staff, and students from its main campus and SDSU Imperial Valley.

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