Prudential Creates an AR Campaign to Build Awareness about Importance of Money
AR Campaign for the Importance of Money

Prudential Creates an AR Campaign to Build Awareness about Importance of Money

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Insurance company Prudential is deploying an innovative AR campaign in Singapore to educate its audience on the importance of money.

Called #PruMoneyTalks, the campaign has been created by VaynerMedia and art and tech collective The concept uses an augmented reality filter to bring Singapore dollar notes to life. Users can scan a $2, $5, $10, or $50 bill through Instagram or Facebook to explore an animated story unfolding around the theme of each denomination.

The two-dollar note showcases the school where Singapore’s first president Yusof bin Ishak learned from and the story of how Singapore’s first dollar notes built awareness amongst the Singaporeans about saving and spending money judiciously. The five-dollar note showcases the Garden City theme, giving a hint of Singapore’s greenery and highlighting the need to direct investments towards preserving the environment.

The fifty-dollar note with the arts theme represents the various ethnic groups in Singapore, highlighting how diversification is integral to both Singapore and its investments.

“We are pleased to partner VaynerMedia and local art and tech collective to provide Singaporeans with a fresh perspective on our dollar notes through an augmented reality experience,” said Goh Theng Kiat, Chief Customer Officer for Singapore at Prudential.

“At the same time, the #PruMoneyTalks campaign aims to get people to think more deeply about their savings and protection journeys, where they invest their money, and how they can build a world they want to live in.”

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